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Kathryn Dunlevie

by Yale Wyatt

CONTENT magazine, issue 11.4, Sept/Oct 2019

Kathryn Dunlevie has always possessed a magical perception of the world around her, even before she became an artist. Growing up all over the United States, Dunlevie developed a deep appreciation of what gives a particular area a sense of place. Nowadays her art works as a connecting thread bringing disparate places and ideas together. She photographs the locales of her travels and sits on the pictures until she begins the process of collaging. Then in construction, she finds a method of arranging her photos that poignantly displaces the observer’s sense of time and space. Being an artist located in the Silicon Valley, Dunlevie is often inspired by San Jose’s diversity – not only in the viewpoint, but in its sense of locality. Given the difference in age and style that many San Jose neighborhoods possess, she believes that you can walk down the street and enter into a new world entirely. Alongside the San Jose art community she happily stands with, Dunlevie’s work captures the ever-changing world we find ourselves wandering in.


“I’m always collecting images and trying new ways to combine them. My assignment to myself is to experiment with new approaches and see what ideas take shape. When something catches my eye, I grab it, often without any idea of where it will fit in.”

KATHRYN  DUNLEVIE                                                                  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE

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