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Femmes Futuristes, Francesca Pastine, Pastine Projects

Robbie Robertson - "Robbie Robertson" (1987), Gary Hailey and Kathryn Dunlevie

Talking Heads - "Girlfriend is Better" (1983), Gary Hailey and Kathryn Dunlevie,

The Art of the Enigmatic, Stephanie Levin, Rice Magazine

Dunlevie, fashion, art and mystery, Thomas Leddy, Aesthetics Today

Kathryn Dunlevie, Yale Wyatt, CONTENT magazine

Kathryn Dunlevie, The Taxidermist’s Imaginarium, Geri Hooks, catalog foreword

Kathryn Dunlevie, Photomontages, Michael Corbin

​Kathryn Dunlevie: Metaphysical Tomfoolery, Gerald Brett, Kathryn Dunlevie:
Cover Versions, catalog essay

Dunlevie’s Deconstructive Collage, Thomas Leddy, Kathryn Dunlevie: Cover
Versions, catalog essay

Kathryn Dunlevie: Glimpses, Youngsuk Noh, Photo+​ magazine (South Korea)

​Kathryn Dunlevie: Syncopated Spaces, Cathy Kimball, catalog essay

Kathryn Dunlevie: Syncopated Spaces, Geri Hooks, catalog foreword

Art Talk with Kathryn Dunlevie, Brian Sherwin,

Kathryn Dunlevie, Art in Embassies, US Department of State

Kathryn Dunlevie at Hooks-Epstein, Garland Fielder, ArtLies

Not at First Glance, Don Snyder, Gallery TPW Panascopic Journal (Canada)
Fresh Work IV: Actualities - New Photographic Art Engaging the Themes of
Representation, Reality and Illusion, James Murphy, PhD, catalog essay

Kathryn Dunlevie, Monica Bravo, La Fotografia Actual (Spain)
The Bends, Glen Helfand, Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Art

Previews: Kathryn Dunlevie , Berin Golonu, Artweek

​The Photograph as Representation and Reflection of Cultural Objects, Fabian
Goncalves Borrega, Fourth Annual Curators' Incubator, catalog essay

Kathryn Dunlevie / Paintings, Frederick Spratt, catalog essay

KATHRYN  DUNLEVIE                                                                  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE

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