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In response to our rapid paced, information saturated lives we have developed a new type of perception. The ever expanding array of media we face creates a constant barrage of often conflicting flashes of data. We have adapted to this overload by instantly filtering out the extraneous and assembling the relevant into ad hoc composites.


We no longer perceive things as still, but as caught in transit - for that instant after they have registered, before they are replaced. We have had to step up our rate of pattern formation: choosing what to keep, what to discard and how to make sense of what remains.

Integrating photography and painting, this body of work is a rendering of this new perception - not a linear catalog, but a synthesis of pertinent images. The camera stands in for our eyes, recording bits of visual information; the subsequent selecting and combining of key elements functions like the contemporary unconscious. The results are compositions whose apparent harmony masks incongruities not obvious at first glance.


Kathryn Dunlevie

KATHRYN  DUNLEVIE                                                                  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE

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