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Recent human activity has brought about environmental change on a colossal scale. As increased levels of carbon dioxide in our air cause temperatures and sea levels to rise, the ecosystems upon which animals and plants depend suffer along with our natural and developed environments.

We can no longer avoid the fact that all aspects of the physical world are intricately linked. To illustrate this interconnectedness, I am combining my photographs of zoos, botanical gardens and natural history museums with my photographs of contemporary urban settings. The resulting images suggest our planet’s current state of disruption and the strange bedfellows this disruption creates.

As I build each composition, interweaving elements from the natural world with images from constructed spaces, displaced animals materialize in anomalous locations. Stunned to find themselves in alien surroundings – disoriented, mistrustful, even forlorn – they mutely proclaim their vulnerability, and remind us of our own.

Kathryn Dunlevie

KATHRYN  DUNLEVIE                                                                  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE

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