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These works have been created by intermixing my own photographs with elements from popular as well as historical sources, resulting in unsettling entities, strange scenarios, and jumps through space and time. ​

​The "Women of Wonder" find themselves in locales as far ranging as Italy's Fiumicino in ‘Touching Down' and New York City in 'Manhattan Falconer' - and in times as disparate as WWI in ‘Escape From the Lab’ to 1930’s Santa Monica in 'Marlowe’s Mistake’. 'Ostara’ and ‘Khidr’ harken back to ancient eras, while ‘Dr. Who’s Girlfriend’ has arrived from outside of time. ‘Cinderella' has updated her mode of transportation and traveled to contemporary Los Angeles, while the denizen of ‘Tipping Point’ floats above it all in a tent that has no floor, and apparently no gravity.

​As diverse images converge and give rise to outlandish creatures and enigmatic situations, the "Women of Wonder" inspire us to go unabashedly wherever we like, and to proceed without constraint.

Kathryn Dunlevie

KATHRYN  DUNLEVIE                                                                  CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLAGE

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